Preparing for the journey

Written by Jenny & Kristian

Hi there! Thank you for peeking at our page! Did our name catch your interest? We sure hope so, as we find it pretty clever ourselves 😉

As you might notice, we haven’t gone “fully nomads” just yet. But we are preparing with every breath we take, and just can’t wait to get on the road. This might make you wonder who we are and why we have decided to do this? It’s actually a quite funny story.

In fact, only a month ago we didn’t even know each other. We were just two lost souls wandering around a big city, with each our own dreams of getting away from the cold climate and the ever busy people rushing towards their “oh-so-important” meetings and appointments. To be honest, we were both trapped in that “busy-bubble” for quite a few years ourselves, but somehow found out – each in our own ways – that it truly didn’t fulfill us or bring us happiness. We both needed a change.

While Kristian had already kick-started his dream, quit his job, started his own company and set his apartment on sale, Jenny was still – besides a full-time job – trying to look into ways of making a living as a digital nomad. We’d both respectively made up our minds to avoid new commitments and relationships that could potentially end up keeping us from taking off. And that is when the magic happened – life played a trick on us. Already on our first date it was evident that we would take on this journey together. Not only our travel plans, but also our personalities and dreams matched. It was actually a bit scary – but in that good “butterflies-in-your-stomach-kinda” way!

So what is our plan now?

Basically our individual plans haven’t really changed – rather merged – as we are now planning to go together. We have decided to leave our Northern homes latest by late summer. Until that, we will both need to get rid of all the unnecessary stuff that we have accumulated throughout the years, save some money for the first months and prepare ourselves for the totally different and much more minimalistic lifestyle, without a permanent residence, that we have ahead us.

For now – accepting the fact that we are currently categorised as nomad rookies and not experts – we will be happily sharing our successes and failures as we go along. We believe in taking chances and taking on challenges with a smile and a positive mindset. We hope that we can serve as inspiration to others who may have similar dreams as us and would welcome any tips/tricks with open arms.

Till next time.

xx, J & K

4 thoughts on “Preparing for the journey

  1. In case you guys need some good advice along the road, then make sure to check out one of my best friends travel blog. His blog offers a cascade of tips and must do/see things of all the places he’s been to:

    I will definitely follow your blog and FB-site close – stay safe!

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