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Written by Kristian

When you are contemplating on going on a journey with no immediate expiration date it can be pretty difficult to make a proper budget and estimate how much money you actually need in order to sustain said journey.

That is at least where we are finding ourselves right now.

We roughly know which destinations we will be visiting for the rest of 2018 which currently include, but are not limited to:

  • Finland
  • Nepal
  • Thailand
  • USA (short trip for a wedding party)
  • Central/South America (likely Costa Rica or Columbia)
  • Back to Scandinavia for Christmas

Based on this we can sort of estimate what our flight expenses will be, but what about living cost? We plan to do a mix of work-for-stay and exploring, so part of the time we will not be required to pay for housing, but there are still sure to be unforeseen expenses along the way.

For the time being, in order to save up and have a somewhat reasonable economic buffer prior to departure, we are pursuing the following income streams to grow our savings:

  • Jenny’s income from work (where she just tendered her resignation, so that cash flow will end in a few months)
  • My apartment (which I own) is being rented out full time on Airbnb (if anyone reads this and plan to visit Copenhagen in the foreseeable future then be sure to hit us up 🙂
  • Selling most of our stuff (you really find out how much you own and don’t use/need when you either move or start selling)
  • My income from work (I have my own business as an advisor in the maritime industry)
  • Pending sale of my apartment which I hope to find a buyer for prior to our departure in the late summer
  • And lastly just trying to keep a low profile not spending money on unnecessary things till we leave. Copenhagen, where we live right now, is an expensive city with many temptations and before you know it you can easily have splashed a decent buck on things you can’t even remember. So we try to keep each other on a short leash.

Once we leave we will rely on generating income via two key sources:

  • SoMe income streams (This is Jenny’s area of expertise)
  • My work which I am lucky to be able to perform anywhere in the world as long as I have wi-fi or cellular data connection

In addition we have a range of fun shared ideas which we hope to develop as we go along and which could potentially be monetised which are:

  • Writing as in novels, poems, kids books, cook books etc.
  • Art work, potentially applied to apparel
  • Clothes (Jenny is the couple fashionista)

– oOo –

Apart from doing our own research, we are very open towards input and hints from other travelling nomads on how you make a living whilst on the road – so if you know something then do not hold back, let us know ! 🙂

Lots of love,

xx, Kristian

2 thoughts on “Money talk

  1. Good luck and progress to you. Sounds like a good project.
    Maybe you write more about it in another post, but are your interest here; just travelling or any kind of “message” you want to share or help-work, you want to do too?

    In any case, I’m sure you know about it, but Craigslist can be surprisingly good, where ever you go in the world. But for work/extra income, sleep overs, gatherings, networking, travel opportunities etc.

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words. 🙂

      We hope to inspire people to break free of the 9-5 work life where most people spend the vast majority of their energy and creativity on making someone elses dream come true. We have both left our secure income and taken a leap into the unknown to follow our hearts, rather than following society’s expectations and rules.

      We do plan ahead with our travels, but we will always go where we feel is the right place to be at that specific moment. Meanwhile we will share our experiences and also how we manage to still make an income to sustain this new lifestyle.

      We are familiar with Craigslist and will likely use it too at some points. 🙂

      Hope you’ll want to subscribe and follow our journey !

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