So the journey begins

And what better way to kick off our journey than exploring Jenny’s home country – the land of a thousand lakes – Finland.

Jenny’s mother and husband (and their dog Martha) owns an old and charming travel van which they were going to take up through the country and invited us to join them. We instantly accepted as it not only meant a chance to spend quality time with family but also travelling in the way we prefer best – driving and camping.

After a couple of days drive due north, through large and tall pine and birch forests and lakes everywhere we looked, we finally reached the Arctic Circle in Northern Finland. There the trees are shorter, the landscape rougher and reindeers are running wild and free on the roads.


The weather throughout the travel was shifting and unstable and crossing the Finnish/Norwegian border unfortunately did not bring any change to that. We mostly faced heavy rain showers both during night and day, but we did not let it break our spirits as the scenery surrounding us was simply too stunning; vast mountain ranges stretching out as far as the eye could see, deep mossy valleys, fierce rock formations, fast running rivers and dense forests starting to show their autumn colours.

A real feast for the visually inclined. Lapland truly spell-bound us.

We are saying goodbye for now to this intriguing part of the world which we only saw and experienced a fraction of. We cannot wait to return again when we have built our own van and can explore the deep north even further in our own good time. Travelling as guests always requires compromise, which is why we are eager to return on our own terms.

We hope you enjoy the snippets we took trying to capture the special arctic vibe and our white butts as we enjoyed a morning shower in one of the many wild rivers 😉

Xx, Jen & Kris

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