Welcome to our resources page.

Below we list some of the items which we find find useful and recommend to our community of followers, as well as share some of the perks we have gained access to via our partnerships.

Organic Basics

We have long been looking for a ethical and sustainable clothing brand who makes briefs such as underwear, short & long sleeve t-shirts, socks etc.. We are super stoked to now have teamed up with Organic Basics who tick all the boxes we had set out for what we look for in a clothing brand.

Their products are ethically produced with sustainable organic materials and they also make use of recycled materials to the extend possible. Their production facilities are all in Europe and are vetted and visited often to ensure a high level of compliance.

By using the code NOMADOBC at your check out you will be able to obtain the following perks depending on your location:

  • Danish customers: 100 DKK off your purchase
  • EU customers: 15 EUR off your purchase
  • US/Canada: Free shipping

We hope you will like their apparel as much as we do and feel free to snap a picture of yourself wearing their clothes if you buy any and tag us in it so we can re-share it. 🙂


We are part of the Amazon affiliate program and will sometimes link to products or services in our posts which we like and recommend to others.
If you wish to purchase any of the items and do it via the link we provide then we will earn a small affiliate fee which helps us sustain our travels so we can continue creating content for you all. It comes at no extra cost to you. 🙂

If you are into e-books you can sign up for Amazon Audible via this link and get a 30-day free trial + 2 free audio books.


We work with AirBnB on their host program and can highly recommend listing your home on their website if you wish to earn some easy income.

When we lived in Copenhagen and saved up to our travel adventure we rented out Kristian’s apartment on AirBnB and it helped us earn a lot of money to realise our dream.

If you wish to become an AirBnB host and start earning money while you are not using your home then you can sign up via this link.


We are constantly seeking to learn new skills and expand our knowledge. Since leaving on our travel adventure we have found Skillshare extremely useful in terms of becoming smarter on social media, photography and editing. This is a user driven learning database where experts in numerous fields list their classes which you can then sign up to and follow in your own time.

By signing up via this link you get 2 months free trial with unlimited classes before deciding whether to subscribe to a full membership. You can cancel your membership at any time during the 2 months.


If you are a digital nomad and/or generate income in a certain or several currencies then bank fees can be a killer. You might also be travelling in several countries and have your expenditure in a whole other currency and loose a lot of money on conversion rates when you use your cards for payments or at ATMs.

With Transferwise there are no hidden cost and you get the real exchange rate with no nasty surprises.

You can send and receive money online or via their app and even get a debit card. This works for both personal as well as business accounts and we use it for both. Daily. And we recommend it. It just works.

Click here to sign up to Transferwise and start saving money on your transactions and bank transfers immediately.